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End Stigma, End AIDS

Reposted from Lisa Campbell and Eric Oulster Global rates of HIV infection are still skyrocketing even though we have all the tools to stop the spread of HIV. Stopping … Continue Reading →


Connecting the Dots: Reflections from the Final Healing Walk

Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Final Tar Sands Healing Walk, a 14km walk that weaves through the heart of the tar sands.  For the past 5 … Continue Reading →


Journeys towards Understanding

The new year has been a big challenge for me.  Whether or not you count the start at Rosh Hashana or January 1st, or on my 30th birthday, this year … Continue Reading →


Northern Life

So it has been almost half a year since I left Toronto in search of something more.  I ended up washing up on the bitumen laced shores of Fort McMurray, … Continue Reading →