Mobile Revolutions provides social media solutions to help non profits & businesses meet their mandates. Whether it’s coming up with a digital strategy for a campaign, or creating a new meme to raise awareness about your cause, Mobile Revolutions can find the right solution.

Principal Consultant

For over 15 years Lisa Campbell has worked as a freelance creative supporting businesses and non-profits, and has just started her new business as the Principal Consultant at Mobile Revolutions. As a Masters of Environmental Studies graduate, Lisa focused her research on how youth activists are utilizing mobile phones for social change. Lisa is passionate about using media as a tool for transformation, and has participated in a wide variety of social movements, from HIV/AIDS to drug policy reform to environmental activism. Currently Lisa supports Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy as the Outreach Director.

Lisa is a Universities Without Walls alumnus, and has spoken at numerous academic and community conferences such as the International Harm Reduction Association Conference, the National Harm Reduction Conference, theĀ Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) Research Conference, the Urban Youth and the Determinants of Sexual Health Student Symposium, the Fulbright Institute of International Education Conference, the Interactive Technology in Education Symposium and the original MobileTech4SocialChange barcamp in San Francisco. As an academic and community worker her work has been featured in the Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Panorama Magazine, and she has served on the editorial board of the Women & Environments International Magazine and as the Editor-in-Chief of Youth Action Forum Magazine.

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